Sunday, 30 January 2011


1. Clean up the diet to removes excess calories in the forms of processed foods, fast foods and liquid calories.
2. Eat fruits and vegetables instead of grain based starches whenever possible. Ex. spaghetti squash instead of regular spaghetti.Choose apples over muffins. ETC.
3. Maintain your muscle mass while burning off your fat by lifting weights (at least your own body weight) 3 x per week.
4. MOVE more-take the stairs, walk to work, just push yourself to move more.
5. SWEAT more- do things that make you sweat like mow the lawn, shovel the driveway, or help a friend move.
6. WALK! Get out and walk everyday.

So those are some basic tips to get you started and next time I will lay out a FAT LOSS meal plan.

Saturday, 29 January 2011


HOW TO LOSE FAT: well first of all, body fat is really just filled up fat cells and we can never lose the fat cells  once we have gained them (well you can with liposuction) BUT we can empty them out and shrink 'em down.  Second we never "lose" fat since we do not wake up one day and realize that we cannot find our fat anywhere. (I swear I had some fat on my butt when I went to bed-where did it go??? lol) fat won't fall off and get lost -we must mobilize it and use it for what it was intended-energy. So we must:

1. Get the fat cells to release fatty acids into the blood.
2. Use the fat while its circulating in the blood.
3. Prevent the fat from re-entering the cell.

 So fat loss does not have to be hit or miss, trial and error but can be systematically done with the correct exercise protocol and lifestyle. I will post an example of a exercise and diet plan for fat loss next post-so stay tuned.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


Whenever I deliver a fitness seminar or wellness workshop I rarely prepare a lecture anymore. Rather I have found over the years that as long as someone asks one good question it causes a chain of questions and answers from which people really learn something. There is something special about the dialectic process (at least Socrates thought so) which is very different from passively receiving monologues. So please ask any questions you may have and lets see where it goes from there.



Transformation is a goal in many peoples lives, whether conscious or not. The point of this blog will be to explore how humans can and more importantly 'have' transformed  their bodies and lives.

However what makes this blog different is that I will be using the critical yet open eyes of a philosopher to explore how people do this.

The mission is simply to be honest and rational in exploring everything about the human body and transformation, from intermittent fasting, fat loss surgeries, high intensity cardio routines, neurotheology, running super marathons barefoot in the desert and everything that has to do with the human being pushing the boundaries of their bodies to elicit a change and ultimately to have some control in a mysterious universe!

Andrew J Cutler, PhD (C)
The Fitness Philosopher